Orma PVAC Glue Spreader

  • obust Italian-designed, two-roller spreader for the uniform application of PVAC glue
  • Adjustable spreading rollers to precisely control glue quantity
  • Wear resistant, re-groovable, anti-acid rubber rollers
  • In-built shock absorbers allow automatic compensation (up to 5mm) for variation in panel thickness
  • Removable galvanized flue tank for easy cleaning
  • Manual or automatic roller washing options available
  • Finger guards and emergency stop bars front and rear for operator safety



  • Working width: 1300mm
  • Clearance between rollers: 120mm (max)
  • Feed rate: 19 metres/min, variations available on request
  • Overall dimensions: 680 mm x 2030 mm x 1350 mm (W x L x H)
  • Net weight: 380 kg
  • Drive motor: 0.5 HP

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