The original and best from Maggi Technology 100 percent manufactured in Italy since 1963.

Single head drilling machine with 21 spindles, suitable for all woodworking needs, ideal for flanking a work center to save time and discharge it from horizontal drilling operations.

PNEUMATIC TILTING – The system allows to position the head from 0 ° to 90 ° in all positions.
LATERAL REFERENCE SQUARES – In cast iron, adjustable on row with magnifying glass and vernier.
PATENTED SPIRAL SYSTEM – Drilling depth adjustment tool that allows to quickly and easily set all measurements on a millimetric scale based on the size of the drill bits.



Quick-change spindles

32 mm interaxis

Pneumatic head rotation from 0° to 90°

Well-dimensioned working table made of steel

Boring-height adjustment on numeric counters

Ready to be connected to a  dust-collector

Manufactured according to EC standards

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