Alexia Gen2 CNC

The ALEXIA automates the cutting, drilling and polishing of sink cutouts and is the ultimate answer to affordable stone processing without compromising on quality. The machine has automatic tool changing with 23 stations.



The Best feature of the ALEXIA is its user-friendly interface, the Software has been designed for MS Windows and is intuitive and simple to use. It is pre-loaded with common sink templates listed by brands including Oliveri, Franke, Clark and Blanco. Further other sinks sizes and shapes can be easily created using the parametric section extending the machine’s cutting capabilities.

The ALEXIA has the ability to connect directly to the internet which allows our office to log into your machine and help you with further training and troubleshooting. Another key feature is its small footprint taking up minimal area in the workshop.

Inclined drain grooves can be cut either onto the bench top. The width of the grooves are dictated by the tooling selected. The length is inputted on ‘grooving’ selections and is in relation to and in proportion with, the centre of the sink cut out. In addition to this the Alexia can also perform edge profile work ( eg. Lambstongue, bullnose etc.) subject to tools selected .These can be supplied at additional cost to standard tooling provided. The Team at Farnese Australia understands that buying stone machinery is an important decision, one that can be extremely costly when breakdowns occur and equipment doesn’t run to its capability. That’s why we provide our customers with unparalleled service and support for all our machines throughout Australia and New Zealand. From on-site installation and training to after-sales telephone and inperson support and repairs, our professional sale and service team will keep your valuable asset running.


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