Ezysink CNC

Create sink cutouts both cut and polished with ease using the EASYSINK, this compact CNC machine was designed to
simplify the task of doing sink cutouts at an affordable price.



The EASYSINK comes with a user-friendly touch screen interface to machine sink
cutouts parametrically. This EASYSINK allows you to machine non complicated
shapes such as square, circles and oval shapes changing dimensions and the
radius for corners with common sink templates, for other non standard shapes
these can be supplied on demand.
Sink cutouts can be processed within the front and rear pneumatic clamps up to
1200 by 600mm on slabs over 3 metres long by 700mm. A laser indicator can help
locate and position the centre of the cutout and the machine is also equipped with
a manual tool changer, lubrication pump and takes up a small footprint, saving
valuable space in your factory.
The team at Farnese Australia understands that buying stone machinery is an
important decision, one that can be extremely costly when breakdowns occur and
equipment doesn’t run to its capability.


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