Fusion Plus ATC 28/13


Extremely efficient production line

Powerful HSD Electro spindle

Versatile HSD 5×4 drilling head

User friendly Osai controller

Optional Automatic Labelling

Optional Automatic panel loading

Optional Automatic panel positioning

Optional Automatic off loading





Table size: 1220mm x 2800mm

Larger models to 1830mm x 3660mm available


High precision heavy-duty 9kW (12.0Hp) HSD router with internal cooling fan and ISO30 collet. Manufactured in Italy, HSD routers are renowned worldwide for their superior quality and durability. The Automatic tool change feature combined with left or right spindle rotation make this a very versatile machine that is also suitable for counter tops.


On-board PC with user friendly Windows 11 operating system. Network interface facility for file sharing. Osai Controller from Italy



Equipped with a gantry-mounted,
12-slot rotary tool magazine, allowing for quick and easy storage and tool changes.

The rotary tool changer saves time by travelling with the gantry, so the spindle doesn’t need to travel as far every time you need to grab a new tool.

Optional Auto Label/Auto load Unit

The Auto Label unit automatically places the part stickers in the correct place while the CNC is cutting the previous sheet. The labelsshow what edge needs to be edged and what cabinet it belongs to

The Auto Load unit has a scissor lift to get the board to the correct height, and vacuum cups to lift the board onto the CNC Bed
Honeywell Thermal Printer

Off feed Table
Belt feed off feed table, allows the CNC to Automatically push the parts off the CNC bed and onto the Off feed table.  The operator can unload the off feed table while the cnc is cutting the next sheet



There are 5 individually controlled vacuum zones. The table surface has a gasket matrix configuration allowing various vacuum options e.g. spoilboards and jigs.


Vacuum for the table top is provided by two quality 4.5kW(7.5Hp) rotary vane vacuum pump. These two pumps displaces 320 cubic metres perhour. Oil-free discharge gas is guaranteed, even in adverse operating conditions.


Superior quality linear guides and bearings units are used on all three of the machine’s axis. Precise movement along the X and Y axis is achieved via induction hardened oblique rack and pinion drive systems. Z axis (vertical) movement accuracy is assured via a precision ground re-circulating ball screw.

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