Filter Press

Like all Farnese equipment, we’ve made
the Filter Press simple to use, with
everything available from an intuitive,
easy to use touch screen control panel.
10 Press Filters take care of compacting
and dewatering the particulate, before
discharging the compressed bricks into
the mobile sludge cart positioned below..



With clean recycled water being an ever more important part of the stone fabrication
industry, the addition of a filter press into your water treatment system makes perfect
sense. Not only environmentally, but economically.
Efficient wastewater treatment actually saves you money in the long term. Removing the
solids from your water before recycling it back through your equipment helps to reduce
everyday wear and tear. Tighter regulations around contaminates and particulate matter
means that all factories should be paying attention to their recycled water systems.
The new Farnese Filterpress ensures better separation of the sludge by dewatering and
compacting the particulate into a compressed brick-like waste product that will be released
into a movable cart for easy disposal. The result is more usable recycled water,
saving money and further reducing operating costs.

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