MARC5 Bridge Saw

The MARC5 is the new breed of 5 axis bridge saws for the stone industry. It has a full CNC controller which coupled with the very easy to use front end program, makes this machine one of the most versatile saws available in the market. One of the great features of this machine is the fact that head/ blade can rotate around the full 360º and thus allowing the operator to make angled and circular cuts as well as tilting from 90º to 0º for drop in sink work.



Its CNC brain allows the operator to use the machine in four different modes: manual, parametric, semi auto and full auto. In manual mode, the operator, apart from the normal functions, can operate the machine to cut at any angle across the table in any direction. In full automatic modes, will make cut in any direction, as well as curves and circles. DXF files can be imported and programmed thus making the machine compatible with most digital templating machines out in the market. The spindle has a 1/2″ GAS attachment that allows to fit a drill, this feature can be programmed to drill out the corners of internal cut outs for easy removal of the internal piece. The machine is also fitted with a tilting table that can be operated from the front panel. The Monolithic Design is a great space saver in today’s shop with no compromise in the “Full Slab Cutting” sizes.

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