Putsch Meniconi SVP 133 BABY Wall Saw

The SVP 133 BABY is the perfect balance between a convenient price, the highest cutting quality and compact dimensions.


This vertical panel saw belongs to the last generation of Putsch Meniconi vertical panel saws, which always give the highest grooving precision.
Thanks to its vertical cutting method. the SVP 133 BABY is a brilliant space saver. This squaring machine  has cutting dimensions equal to 2.500 mm length x 1.600 mm height and 60 mm depth.
The new SVP 133 BABY vertical panel saw has high-level technical characteristics that make the operations of cutting enhancement much easier. The SVP 133 BABY panel saw has the best standard equipment among compact-dimension vertical panel saws. Some of these features are an electric shifting frame, additional knocker and short pieces sled. The SVP 133 BABY is one of Putsch Meniconi’s newest machines, but it has quickly become one of Putsch’s bestsellers.

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